Expanding My Web-Related Knowledge: Week Six


This week marks week six of my participation in promoting HC Media Online. The end of the semester is nearing, and I can confidently say that my web-related knowledge has expanded. After HC Media meetings and Web Fundamentals class, in addition to my other four classes, my knowledge this semester has expanded so much my head could explode at any moment. A good portion of this knowledge has been stored there in just the last two weeks of Web Fundamentals, as we have begun to learn HTML and CSS. With these newly acquired skills, we are building our own portfolio sites. If it sounds like a lot to learn and do in just three weeks, it is. Fortunately, we’ve been asked to build only three pages: our resume, an “about me” page, and a home page.

Despite the challenges, I have really enjoyed this semester, and look forward to seeing what I can create on my site in these last two weeks of class.

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Promoting HC Media: Week Five

We are nearing the end of this semester, which means this is one of my last posts about promoting HC Media…


But on the other hand…


This week the group talked about how we’re going to communicate to the campus community through social media during important end of the year events like the Academic Showcase, Honors Convocation, and Graduation. So far we have three team members on the job, with each of us handling a different form of social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The only task left is to find out how to get the campus to communicate with us during these events using the #iHCMO.

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My First Yoga Tutorial Video

This week I did something completely out of my comfort zone. At the request of my Web Fundamentals professor, I made a yoga tutorial video for Youtube. While it isn’t winning any awards any time soon, I am satisfied with how it turned out in the short amount of time I had to do it.

I decided to feature just five basic yoga poses for beginners: the lotus, tree, downward dog, the cobra, and child’s pose. It’s short, only four minutes long, but offers a good introduction to someone who has never done yoga.

Maybe this will be the first of a series of yoga tutorial videos. Let me know if you enjoy it and there may even be more in the future.

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Promoting HC Media: Week Four

There isn’t a lot to report on promotions this week, as the team’s focus was on something much more important: covering the NAIA tournament in Sioux City, Iowa.

Hastings College Media serves as the sole media provider for coverage of the tournament, which features 32 teams. The HC Media team has been covering the tournament for 11 years, which airs on ESPN3.

This year 18 individuals from the HC Media staff were selected to go cover the games, which includes filming, reporting, photographing, and streaming the games, just to name a few elements.

This is just one of the reasons I am privileged to be promoting HC Media and everything it stands for. With a week off last week and this week being spring break, I’ll be eager to get back and see what ideas we can conjure up next.

If you wish to see the coverage from the NAIA games, visit mynaiatourney.org or hcmediaonline.org.

Promoting HC Media: Week Two

302565_10150957491455611_774788054_nThis week I continued my work in creating goals to promote Hastings College Media. During the group’s meeting at Blue Moon today we further developed some of the ideas we had come up with at the last meeting and came up with an action plan to implement them. The first step of this plan is recruiting key individuals and organizations to promote HC Media Online through their personal social media. The primary goal in doing this is to promote to an audience that isn’t often reminded of the college’s media and persuade them to participate in HC Media more, especially in utilizing the #iHCMO. The iHCMO hashtag was created to be used on Twitter for students to suggest stories that they would like to see HC Media cover. This is particularly unique because it’s asking the media’s audience specifically what they want and greatly increasing the chance that they will read the stories published.

It seems like we are on our way to better promoting HC Media and gaining a larger, more diverse audience. Check back next week to see what the team is doing, and don’t forget to read this week’s news on HCMO.

Using Yoga to Strengthen Your Spirit

Most everyone knows that yoga is good exercise. It can increase flexibility, balance, stamina, and strength. What some don’t realize, however, is the effects yoga can have on the mind. Some of these effects could include increased confidence, self-esteem, clarity in making decisions, increased motivation, and a sense of peace within yourself. These are just some the ways in which yoga strengthens our spirits (while getting a good workout in!).

So how can we better capitalize on yoga’s natural ability to strengthen our spirits? Lucky for you, I’ve used my brainstorming power to find out some simple ways to do it. Here are four:

1. Power Yoga

Try taking a class or looking up some YouTube videos on Power Yoga. This type of yoga practice seeks to pull out one’s innermost strength through powerful poses and body movements. If you are feeling inadequate in some aspect of life, or too weak to handle a problem or conflict, Power Yoga might be just the remedy. Power Yoga works from the heart, washing the blood throughout the body through vigorous exercise and muscle-testing poses. In that respect, this form of yoga may not be for beginners. However, if you are experienced at yoga or are confident enough to give it a try, I highly recommend it.

2. Combine with Meditation

This is very important. It may even be accurate to say that without meditation, yoga is simply exercise for the body, and not the spirit. Try a relaxation yoga class or video. Before you begin a routine, set an intention for what you wish to get out of it. This can be anything from being more connected to the Universe, to receiving clarity about an important decision, to simply improving your mood. Also, research potential mantras to recite as you complete your yoga routine, or make up your own. This will keep you focused on the benefits you are seeking from your yoga practice.

3. Research Yoga’s History

Yoga has become so mainstream in the fitness culture that many don’t know the origins of the practice. If you practice yoga, but don’t know very much about how it came to be, it may be a good idea to do some research. In addition to building your appreciation for yoga, it will make you more conscious of the meaning behind it during your routine. Check out Yoga Journal for a good beginner’s guide to the history of yoga, along with other yoga-related tutorials.

4. Practice Daily

To truly reap the spirit-strengthening benefits of yoga, practice daily. The best time to do this is right after waking in the morning, or in the evening when getting ready for bed. Try doing energizing yoga in the morning with a full glass of cucumber or lemon infused water. If you start the day with good vibrations, the rest of the day will fall into place. Use the evening yoga to relax and reflect on your day. This can be done in combination with meditation and a mug of chamomile or other herbal tea. Evening yoga will set the tone for a good night’s sleep and ensure your spirit will be glowing and refreshed when the sun rises.

Here is a bedtime yoga video to try:

Promoting HC Media: Week One

302565_10150957491455611_774788054_nThis week was week one of learning how to fulfill my role as a promoter for Hastings College’s HC Media. Before today, I wasn’t sure if I even knew what being a promoter would mean. After our meeting, however, I found myself motivated and full of ideas to help us achieve our goals and show everyone how incredible HC Media really is.

The group met up at the Blue Moon coffee shop (vital information: I had the brown sugar vanilla latte). First we came up with goals for HC Media. The group brainstormed what we would like to see come out of the promotions and some ways in which we might get there. Some of the strategies we came up with involved utilizing Twitter, Facebook, the campus community, and the general Hastings community.

If you don’t know what Hastings College Media has to offer, I urge you to check out the website. It has content for everyone including sports, news, opinion, videos, and a live stream of the college radio station, 90.1 KFKX (which, I might add, plays better music than any other local station, and has WAY fewer advertisements).  HC Media has been called one of the most unique news systems in the country, so take a minute to browse the website and like us on Facebook (HCMediaOnline) and Twitter (@HCMediaOnline).

I will also be posting updates to Twitter, so follow me @JessiVorhees.