How to Use Pinterest for Self Improvement


I am a BIG fan of Pinterest. The amount of ways in which we are able to use Pinterest is astonishing. We can plan our dream wedding, decorate our homes, cook like a gourmet chef, workout like a personal trainer, and get inspired from voices all around the world. Individuals like to utilize Pinterest in different ways and for different purposes, real or imagined. I primarily use the social media platform for one purpose: self-improvement. It may sound straight forward, but there are ten things you should do in order to use Pinterest to your best advantage.

1. Simplify

Decide what is really important to you.  Think hard about your goals and create boards accordingly. Try not to pin things that are not useful or that you won’t refer back to. When you are creating boards, keep their names simple and be sure they describe their content. Keep your profile clean and concise; more than 20 boards is probably overkill.

2. Pin with a Purpose

Browse Pinterest with a purpose in mind. Often I am searching for meals to cook for the week ahead, or looking for a workout to do that night. While mindlessly scrolling through the app and pinning randomly does sound fun, it is unnecessary. Chances are you won’t use those pins later, and you just wasted valuable time that you could have spent on something else more productive (even if it is a midday nap).

3. Delete Often

Every once in awhile, browse your boards for old material that isn’t useful to you anymore. You may have cooked the recipe a few times already and remember the instructions, or simply don’t have the desire to complete that particular project any longer. Delete these items. Cleaning out your boards will help you assess your previous goals and create new ones.

4. No Fear

Don’t want people to know that you’re trying to lose weight?  Did you know there is a way to keep boards secret on Pinterest? When you are creating a board, simply click “keep board secret.” If you have a board you already created and would like to make it secret, click the edit button and “keep board secret.”  No one except for you will be able to see that this board exists. So pin, pin away! Fear is not an option.

5. Get Inspired

Create an inspiration board full of whatever motivates and inspires you. Mine is called “mind, body, spirit” and is full of inspirational quotes and articles to get me going when I feel discouraged. Open this board up whenever you need a reminder that you can accomplish anything. It can be uplifting on those days when you feel like you’re failing.

6. Dream Big

Make boards for countries you want to visit, crazy adventures you want to take, and large projects you never thought you could do on your own. Putting these big ideas on the screen can make them seem more concrete and you may be more likely to do them.

7. Collaborate

Did you know that you could add collaborators to boards that you create? I made my husband a collaborator on some of my boards so that we can make and accomplish goals together. Collaborating with someone can also hold you accountable for the goals you want to reach. If someone close to you knows what you are working towards, they can encourage you and remind you to keep going.

8. Join Group Boards

This is like collaborating with strangers. Search for boards that interest you that have many collaborators. If it is open to join, there will be instructions at the top of the board on how to do so. This is an easy way to see pins from like-minded Pinners and keep you on top of your goals.

9. Venture Beyond Pinterest

In our pinning frenzies, it’s easy to forget that Pinterest isn’t the only place to find pins. You can pin literally ANYTHING on the web. If Chrome is your browser of choice, get the browser button, which can be easily added in a few minutes. After you have this, just hover over any picture on the web and the red “P” will appear. If you wish to pin a whole web URL, just press the browser button on your Chrome toolbar.

10. Take Action

It doesn’t help to set goals and get inspired if you don’t take action. Do that workout, redecorate that living room, cook that gourmet French recipe. One of the reasons I am such a big fan of Pinterest is because it encourages growth, exploration, and most importantly, trying new things. Think of it as an online catalog of you and what your future could look like. Dream big!

Check out Sage Advice on Pinterest, or my profile, Jessi Martin, to see how I organize my boards!


Treat Writer’s Block in 5 Steps



Writer’s block: a dreaded, unavoidable phenomenon of the writing world.


Luckily, through many years of enduring writer’s block myself, I have come up with five unorthodox ways to get myself out of the frustrating rut of not being able to find the right words.

1. Bath crayons

As odd as it may sound, trust me, these are a life saver. If you’re anything like me, in the shower is where inspiration strikes the most. Anytime an idea comes to  you, just jot it down on the wall. It will be easily erased later with water. Try these bath crayons from Munchkin, or for those do-it-yourself people, try these non-toxic ones from Mama Instincts.

2. View art

If you find yourself unable to generate ideas, try viewing some art. One of my best fiction pieces centers entirely around this picture. Take a trip to the local art museum or check out some pieces from aspiring artists on Beauty can be the ultimate writing inspiration if you let it.

3. Clean up your work space

Did you know that the cleanliness of your work space can affect the quality of your work? Sometimes clutter in our physical environment can result in clutter in our minds. Keep only the essentials on your desk  and be sure that the room is clean and organized. Check out these 10 tips on optimizing your work space from Time Management Ninja.

4. Write about not knowing what to write about

This may not be your best work, but it will get you warmed up for the real thing. At the least it will get the idea of having writer’s block out of your mind and allow you to move past the psychological notion of being “stuck.”


5. Brainstorm

Set a timer for two minutes. On a piece of paper, write every random thought, word, or topic that comes to your mind. If an idea hasn’t come to you after the two minutes, look through your list and pick one item. Free-write about it for ten minutes. This process is very simple, but very effective as well.

If you find yourself stuck in the never ending cycle of writer’s block, utilize these five tips. The outcome might amaze you.

Good luck and happy creating!